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Eco-friendly lightweight pallet to handle your load

The leightweight pallets are 100 percent recyclable, hygienic and weigh only five kilos. Please click for larger image.

Using a pallet in paper has many advantages. No heavy lifting, transport costs are lower and it is much easier to recycle. LitePaq in Karlstad, new members of Paper Province, has for many years produced pallets and special packaging of cardboard.
The old wooden pallets are now abandoned in favor of more environmentally friendly alternatives, such as paper pellets. A wooden pallet weighs about 25 kilos, chips and is difficult to keep clean. The paper pallets can handle almost exactly the same weight, thanks to a special patented technology that strengthens the cardboard legs.
"Our pallets are hygienic and do not need to be cleaned to pass through different hygiene zones at, for example, a food company. Since the pallets only weigh five kilos, they are also more ergonomic. They are also 100 percent recyclable", says Tobias Gustafsson, co-owner of LitePaq.
LitePaq has been around since 1995 and has its production in the old Zakrisdalsverken in Karlstad. They manufacture lightweight pallets in four different standard sizes and a large amount of special packaging that is adapted to the customer's needs.
"The use of recyclable pallets is right in time. Everyone works to be environmentally friendly but it should not cost more", says Tobias.



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