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Moelven sets world record with the world's largest timber building

Mjøstårnet in Brumunddal, Norway, is 85 meters high. Moelven has played a big part in realizing the vision of the tallest wood building in the world. Photo by: Moelven. Download orginal here.

In March, the world’s tallest wooden building, Mjøstårnet, was inaugurated in Norway. "It shows that you can make almost anything of wood," says Björn Johansson, CEO at Moelven Forest, who recently became members of the Swedish forest cluster Paper Province.

Building with wood is far from new, but building tall wooden houses is. Mjøstårnet is 85.4 meters and has 18 floors. To succeed, Moelven used glulam beams and solid knowledge.

There are many advantages with using wood as a building material. Among other things, the use of wood in load-bearing constructions can reduce emissions from material production by up to 85 per cent. In addition, the wood binds carbon dioxide. 

With Mjøstårnet Moelven shows opportunities to develop sustainable constructions for the future.
“We move boundaries by building the world's tallest wooden house”, says Björn Johansson.

But innovations do not stop there. Moelven is currently participating in an innovation project to enable 150 meters high wind turbine towers in glulam.

Moelven Forest in Sweden recently joined the world leading forest based bioeconomy cluster Paper Province. Overall, Moelven has approximately 3 500 employees and three divisions; timber, wood and construction. Half of the business lies in Norway, half in Sweden.
"We are one of the largest companies in the region of Värmland in Sweden, and naturally we want to influence the bioeconomy. We are also members of Paper Province to be a part of the network and to get innovation support”, says Björn Johansson. 

Björn Johansson, CEO, Moelven Skog AB. Download originnal picture here.



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