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Paper Province recieves full status partnership in Rosewood 4.0

Paper Province is pleased that the European Commission has granted funding for the Rosewood 4.0 project! Rosewood is a European network of clusters, institutes, academies, regions, companies and associations from nineteen countries across Europe.
On May 23, the project was granted funding from the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020).
"It is very gratifying that we are finally part of our first Horizon 2020 project as a full partner. Previously, we have only been support partners for various projects", says Magnus Persson, Innovation Advisor at Paper Province.
Rosewood 4.0 is based on the existing Rosewood network, made up of European actors in the forest value chain. The network works for an increased supply of sustainably produced forests, while protecting the ecological and social values ​​of the forest. In order to get the countries to reach their full potential, the previous network has worked with new business models, showing good examples and new technological innovations.
The new Rosewood 4.0 network contains eight new countries: Belgium, Greece, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden and Ukraine. The purpose of the expanded network is to strengthen the existing nodes in Europe and create an eastern hub.
The network should pay special attention to digitization (Forest Industry 4.0) and digital tools. The channels used include social media and e-learning for training and coaching.
The goal of the network is sustainable forestry in order to secure the future of the European forest. The total project budget is just over EUR 2 million and is financed by Horizon 2020. The project runs for 24 months.



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