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Swedish innovation company CleanFlow is acquired by NORAM

CleanFlow coworkers Patricia Edvardsson and Anna Oldmark. Download original here.

NORAM and CleanFlow are pleased to jointly announce that NORAM has acquired CleanFlow and its line of products for green and white liquor filtration. CleanFlow is very pleased to join the NORAM Group of companies and to now be able to expand its products and services globally.

CleanFlow is a member of the world-leading bioeconomy cluster Paper Province and an innovative leader in green and white liquor filtration for pulp mills. The products use crossflow micro filtration to filter non process elements and to provide the mill’s recaustizicing loop with a particle-free liquor. The modular construction works in parallel or series with existing conventional liquor filters, effectively removing bottlenecks and enabling an increase in both capacity and quality.
CleanFlow’s products are being increasingly used in sulphate pulp mills around the world, with the ENCE Pontevedra mill in Spain as the latest addition. To be able to better service customers in the US, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia, CleanFlow was looking for the right partner. NORAM has built a strong position in these markets and is actively positioning new products with strong service support. The ideal partner for CleanFlow.
CleanFlow’s chairman, Mr. Per Olofsson, explains: 
"In the past years we have seen NORAM establish itself as a well-respected supplier of cost-effective, groundbreaking solutions to the pulp industry. NORAM’s deep understanding of mill processes and priorities are very much in line with ours. Together our teams will now be able to get a much wider geographical reach with a strong product portfolio."
NORAM’s President, Mr. Anthony Boyd, continues: 
"At NORAM we are dedicated to bringing the leading pulp manufacturing products to the market and providing the industry with top quality and cost competitiveness. We have been following CleanFlow’s growth and are impressed by the results. The opportunity to now include CleanFlow into our team and our offering is a great step forward."

CleanFlow deliver unique filtration technology for mills around the world. The method is based on microfiltration and has proven itself to be very successful. “The filter is like the pulp mill’s kidney”, Lennart Källén explains.  Download original here.



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